Unique Home Decor Trends of 2020

Another year, another trend in home decor. Whether you’re in the interior design biz or are just HGTV junkies like us, get ready to get inspired by these 10 unique home decor trends set to take over the market in 2020.

1. Loft Style Interior

Loft interior with open living room and simple home office

Gaining popularity in American urban living spaces and eventually spreading to Europe, this trend has been a favorite for a number of years. But in 2020, this “industrial grandeur-meets-chic minimalism” trend will extend from urban areas and move to, well, any space. Gone are the days of having to house hunt for the perfect loft in the city. Instead, bring the city to you with brick walls, exposed ceilings, and aesthetically-pleasing decor placement.


2. Eco Style

Spacious indoor orangerie with garden view, window wall, upholstered furniture set, big houseplant in decorative pots

Let’s face it: As a society, we really don’t get out that much anymore. With our 9-to-5s, swinging by the gym, picking up kiddos from daycare, and grabbing dinner with friends, there’s not always time to hit up the local park. While being outdoors in nature is highly encouraged, bringing nature indoors is the next best thing. In 2020, we’ll see a lot of faux (and real) foliage, indoor vertical gardens (more on that in a bit), bamboo, wooden branches, and other environmentally-friendly decor that makes you feel like you’re in the great outdoors while you binge that new season on Netflix.


3. Chalkboard Decor

Close-up of a baby room fragment, with white decorated cot and chest of drawers

Chalkboards have a sort of nostalgic magic about them. While they’ve been popular in recent years as chalk painted accent walls, they will continue to be a focal point of design and decor in the upcoming year. What’s so great about them? For one, you can consistently create a new look on the surface itself – so if you’re the indecisive type, this might be your thing. Want to try something different? Paint a wall with chalkboard paint and hang a collage of empty ornate frames for an artistic piece you and your guests will enjoy time and time again.


4. Neon

Pink, creative table and velvet couch set on an empty wall in living room interior

Hello ’80s! Pops of color have always been a thing, but in 2020, it’s okay to get loud, bold, and obnoxious with those colors. (I mean, you do you!) Experiment with neon shades in furniture, frames, and drapery for a candy-colored blast from the past with a modern twist. Be sure to ground the look with a neutral pallet like greys, beiges, and creams.


5. Contemporary Fireplaces

Classic living room with fireplace , modern yellow armchair and chessboard on coffee table – 3d rendering

While classic fireplaces are still 100% super charming (who doesn’t love a good mantle display?), the rise of more modern styles will have their heyday in 2020. Sleek, clean lines, and efficient designs are all the rage, especially with the continued popularity of overall modern decor styles. Expect to see more built in fireplaces without the tile, stone, or brick work supporting the design.


6. Geometric Wall Paint

Living room with black straight lines painted on the wall

Picasso, who? Don’t settle for just one boring flat wall color. Instead, use painters tape to design a geometrical mural for visual interest. You can find inspiration for this nearly everywhere: stained glass windows, greenhouse ceilings, desk decor, and even some skyscrapers. What ever type of design you create, it’s sure to look fresh and futuristic.


7. Vertical Gardens

Bright living room with sofa, armchair, pouf and green plants

Not everyone has the luxury of having space for an outdoor garden. Especially in urban areas, indoor vertical gardens are becoming quite the trend, particularly for low maintenance plants like herbs, mother-in-law’s tongue, aloe vera, and more. Of course, positioning the vertical garden is crucial for success, so depending on what you’re growing, you’ll need to place it so that it gets adequate sunlight.


8. Bold Print Wallpaper

Bright room interior with powder pink blanket on bed and green and white leaf wallpaper

When someone mentions wallpaper, do you immediately picture that faded yellow floral print from the eighties in your great aunt’s house? Think again. Nowadays, it’s common to see young homeowners freshening up their space with bold printed wallpaper designs: anything from vintage fleur de lis, colorful palm tree branches, and colorful geometric shapes. Pick your poison and remember, if you end up with extra wallpaper, don’t let it go to waste! Instead, cut out a rectangle and frame it for a unique – and cohesive – art piece.


9. Cacti

Modernly designed flat interior with cacti

You don’t have to live in the southwestern United States to surround yourself with desert-influenced decor. Check out any home decor or craft store, and you’ll see 2020 is all about bringing the desert to you with real and faux cacti, cacti paintings, and even cacti printed rugs, pillows, and throws.


10. Yarn Wall Art

Bright living room interior with macrame on the wall, beige couch with pillow and blanket, hammock chair, fluffy rug and bedside table with lamp standing by the bed in the real photo

Boho chic has been a trend for a while, but we think it’s making a huge comeback in the form of yarn wall art – especially macrame. (Need inspiration? Check out our selection of trendy macrame projects.) Not only are these pieces fun and relatively affordable to make, but it’s something that will continuously add visual appeal to a space.


BONUS: Lilac, Mustard Yellow

White tableware and yellow cutlery on a yellow-violet pastel background.

What are the power colors for next year in interior design? While not quite the duo we’d automatically pair, mustard yellow and lilac have a springy and an almost 1906s mod fashion feel. How do you incorporate these two very different colors? Play around with table cloth colors and placemats or hang breezy yellow curtains against lilac colored sofa covers.

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