The Top Colors To Watch for in 2020

Are you tired of using the same color palette in your living space, wardrobe, or artwork? Brighten up! The year 2020 has inspiring tones for you to integrate into your lifestyle and personal expression. These are a few of the colors to keep your eye on.


Cantaloupe Orange Melon Sliced in Half on Pastel Background.

Cantaloupes are juicy, sweet melons in season during the summer. The fruit flesh can range from light to deep orange depending on its level of ripeness. The cantaloupe color swatch is a full and creamy orange that is similar to dark peach or soft orange sherbet. It creates a fresh, uplifting mood.


Image of four sweet purple macaroons on purple table background.

Pink and purple hues have been in vogue for a while, and cassis brings the best of both worlds together. This combination of pink and purple resembles a richer, more violet mauve. Its gender-neutral quality makes it appealing to almost everyone. This versatile hue can be both classy and contemporary.

Mellow Yellow

Inviting and warm contemporary bedroom with earthy color palette

If you want an earthy, dusky tone, then mellow yellow is the way to go. It’s a retro color coming back into style. Its robust appearance makes it an edgier, more sophisticated choice than a traditional sunny yellow or hot neon.


Mint is nothing new and has been a favorite for quite a few years now. Neo-mint takes it to another level with a greener, less-subdued tint that hints at optimism for the future. It’s a modern twist on a classic pastel.

Purist Blue

Blue is arguably the most popular color in the world. Purist blue will be the one to stand out in 2020. It has a coolness and softness to it with a touch of grayish teal undertone. Expect to experience relaxation and clarity in the presence of this color.

Behr’s Color of the Year


Organizations that revolve around color like to announce their own pick of the year. Behr, the paint company, has already shared its selection for 2020: Back to Nature, a gentle green you would find on a walk through the woods. The rest of the colors in next year’s collection also follow the nature theme.

How To Incorporate These Colors

Trending colors are most often seen in clothing and wall paint, but there are numerous other ways to use them in your life. You can be big and bold or small and subtle in your approach. Try out some of these ideas:

Home décor: Furniture, accent rugs, linens, flowers, throw pillows, curtains, books, lamps
Exterior decor: Doors, trim, planters, wreaths
Accessories: Jewelry, belts, bags, wallets, luggage, cellphone cases
Artwork: Pottery, paintings, photography

The best part about these colors is they complement each other, so you can mix and match them. No need to choose just one!

Why Color Matters

Why is so much thought put into creating a color palette each year? The simple answer is that color influences the world. A specific tone can sway your mood and affect your behaviors. While everyone has a unique response, certain colors generally tend to elicit certain reactions. For example, blue is calming, whereas red is invigorating. Color is a way not only to experience but also express emotion.

Having a new trend every year adds variety and excitement. It reflects current culture and events, as well as local geography. What is popular in one country will be different than what is trending in another part of the world. The same goes for industry: The color in demand for women’s fashion may differ from the reigning tone in nursery décor. Focus on the color that best matches your purpose and needs.

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