The History & Importance of National Craft Month

Celebrating National Craft Month gives you the chance to spend some extra time on the hobbies you love. It’s a great opportunity to explore new crafting interests, connect with other crafters, and more. Here’s a quick overview of the history of National Craft Month and why it can be the perfect time for you to hone your skills.

What Is National Craft Month?

March was recognized as National Craft Month by a nonprofit organization called the Craft and Hobby Association. Since it was officially established in 1994, crafters of all kinds have taken advantage of extra recognition of the hobbies and activities they love.

March was chosen because it is usually one of the last cold and chilly months before spring and so is a great time to stay inside and do hobbies. During this time crafters and artists can challenge themselves to be extra productive and even participate in online challenges or submit their work to contests. The list of recognized crafts is huge and includes traditional hobbies such as painting, sewing, and knitting as well as more out-of-the-box ideas.

Why Does National Craft Month Matter?

Whether you’re an avid crafter or someone who has never done a craft-related hobby but wants to try, recognition of National Craft Month and craft history can be just what you need. Take up something new or take your existing skills to the next level. Take advantage of dreary days to stay in and try out a new hobby. Most crafts are easy to get started on even if you don’t have much experience.

If you’re already deeply involved in your crafting hobbies, you can use the month of March as an opportunity to set new goals for yourself. You may decide to work on something new every week or even every day. With all the different online forums and tutorials available, it can be easy to pick up a new skill quickly. If you haven’t experienced self-teaching, different crafting techniques March can be a great time to try it out. Depending on what kind of learner, you are you may find you prefer written tutorials or video instruction.

What Are Creative Ways To Celebrate National Craft Month?

There are endless ways to celebrate the month. Consider throwing a crafting party and getting together with friends to do crafts and maybe enjoy homemade snacks and beverages. You can also use the occasion to get closer to family. Spending extra time with your kids or grandkids can be a great way to pass along your love for creative hobbies. Even if you don’t do any extra projects yourself, you can still partake in the fun of craft month by taking a moment to appreciate the work of others. Visit a local art show or go shopping for handmade crafts to use in your own home.

Doing crafts can be a great way to relieve stress and express yourself in a creative and artistic way. Use these activities as a chance to unwind or an opportunity to create a bond with others who have shared interests. However you like to craft, March can be a chance to dedicate extra time to the things you love.

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