Handmade black leather cinch clip and it measures 5 1/2″ x 1″ x 1/4″. The clips are bronze tone and the rivets are antique brass tone. The “teeth” (see picture) are plastic. Most fabrics are fine but I would not suggest using on delicate ones.



Great reasons to have a clip:

1) Save money on tailoring since you can use one clip on many garments.

2) The size can be adjusted, unlike a tailored item.

3) You can buy those items that you thought were a bit too flowy or wear that vintage item that you *had* to have but haven’t worn because it was too big.

4) You are not in the mood to wear a belt.



I have done the best I can matching the colors with the pictures shown.

I am not a “pro” so there will be variations in color, cutting, etc. I like to think the imperfections that may occur prove that a real person made it.


These are made to order so are a final sale, no return. Please message me with any questions.



Thanks for looking!





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